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NS is a neuron in Leech.

NS neuron

The figure shows both NS neurons in one isolated midbody ganglion. One NS neuron was filled with a mixture of Neurobiotin and Rhodamine-dextran (3K). Neurobiotin was revealed with Avidin conjugated with Alexa 488.

NS neurons are non spiking neurons whose membrane potential directly affects the firing frequency of all excitatory motoneurons in a ganglion (Wadepuhl, 1989).

Neuronal Type: Premotor neuron


Map of the ventral surface of the leech ganglion. Position 151 is at the top.

* The cell body is located in the anterior lateral packet, in position 151 of the ventral aspect of the ganglion.

  • The cell extends a main branch in the anterior to poterior direction, with secondary branches leaving through the anterior and posterior roots, on the ipsilateral and contralateral sides. Numerous branches arise from these main neurites.
  • The NS neurons are present as a single bilateral pair in each midbody ganglion.

Molecular profile

  • Neurotransmitter: unknown


Synaptic Connections

NS neurons connect to every excitatory motoneuron in a ganglion through rectifying electrical synapses.


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