Pleural 10 neuron

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Pleural 10 is a neuron in the Cerebropleural ganglion of Tritonia.

Basic Information

NeuronBank ID: Tri0002586 Abbreviation: Pl 10


"Pl 10 injected with 5,6-carboxyfluorescein, showing its size and location in the lateral region of the dorsal pleural ganglion." from Frost et al., 2003.

* Anatomy: Pl 10 has a 70 micron diameter cell body on the dorsal surface of the pleural ganglion near the P1 neuron.

  • Electrophysiology: Pl 10 receives monosynaptic EPSPs from S-cells and makes inhibitory connections to DSI.


  • Frost WN, Tian LM, Hoppe TA, Mongeluzi DL, Wang J. A cellular mechanism for prepulse inhibition. Neuron. 2003 Dec 4;40(5):991-1001. PMID: 14659097