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This is a template for creating a wiki page for Identified Hirudo Neurons.

NeuronName is a neuron in the Leech, Hirudo.

Basic information

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  • Names and Aliases: SE1
  • Species: Hirudo
  • Neurotransmitter: Glutamate
  • Neuronal Type: Interneuron

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  • Cell body location: Dorsal surface of the subesophageal ganglion - R2, anterior packet
  • Present in Ganglia: bilaterally symmetrical pair only in the R2
  • Number of this neuron type in each ganglion:see above
  • Axon Projection pattern:
    • Anterior connective
    • Posterior connective - ipsilateral axon that projects length of ventral nerve cord
    • Ganglion root
    • Ipsilateral/Contralateral


Spiking properties

Synaptic Connections

Synaptic Inputs

Synaptic Outputs



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