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A1 is an interneuron in Pleurobranchaea

NeuronBank Accession ID: Ple0002601

Homologous to C2 in Tritonia


  • Soma:
    • Coloration: White
    • Location: The larger, more anterolateral of the two white cells in the A cluster of the of the cerebral ganglion.
    • size: 50 -110 microns in animals 10 - 600 gm - slightly larger than nearby neurons
  • Axon Projection: Contralateral through cerebral commissure, then through anterior cerebropedal connective to pedal ganglion, then through pedal commissure


  • Resting Membrane Potential: -48.6 mV
  • Spike Height: 70.3 mV



  • Excited by sensory afferents - no indication of whether this is mono or polysynaptic
  • Electrically coupled to A3 and inhibited by A3


  • Polysynaptic inhibition of Phasic Paracerebral Neuron (PCp)


  • A1 is a member of the swim CPG circuit. It is rhythmically active during the swim motor pattern and can reset the motor pattern.
  • A1 stimulation inhibits feeding.
  • Stimulation of A1 in non-swimming whole-animal preparation has a biphasic effect:
  1. The animal straightens like a dorsal flexion
  2. The animal turns to the side contralateral to the A1 soma being stimulated.


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