Amphid Neurons

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This is a template for creating a NeuronBank wiki page for a Neuron.

Neuron name is a neuron in.

Basic information

You can replace this image with a picture of the cell. To upload a new image, go to Upload file on the left menu. Make sure that you cite where the image was taken from and give attribution. Provide a link to the source when possible.

Neuron: Sensory Neuron, Motor Neuron, local interneuron, projection neuron, etc...



  • Where is the Cell body located?
  • What is the axon projection pattern?
  • How many neurons of this type are there in the nervous system?

Molecular profile

  • Neurotransmitter: ____________
  • Unique molecular markers: ______________


Synaptic Connections

Synaptic Inputs

Synaptic Outputs

Spiking properties



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Additional information

link title