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C1 is the Large Serotonergic Neuron in the anterior portion of the dorsal Cerebral Ganglion in Tritonia.

  • NeuronBank ID: Tri0002622
  • Neurotransmitter: Serotonin (5-HT)
Serotonin immunohistochemistry shows the C1 Neuron in at the top of the image.

C1 is homologous to the giant serotonergic neurons found in most gastropod cerebral ganglia. An example is the Metacerebral cell (MCC) of Aplysia.


1. McCaman MW, Ono JK, McCaman RE (1984) 5-hydroxytryptamine measurements in molluscan ganglia and neurons using a modified radioenzymatic assay. J Neurochem. 43:91-9