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MN1 is a motor neuron in the pedal ganglion of Hermissenda

Drawing of Hermissenda nervous system from T. P. Jerussi and D. L. Alkon. Ocular and extraocular responses of identifiable neurons in pedal ganglia of Hermissenda crassicornis. J.Neurophysiol. 46 (3):659-671, 1981.

Anatomical properties

  • soma size 60 microns
  • located on the medial edge of the Pedal2 neuron
  • axon in ipsilateral nerve 1

Electrophysiological properties

  • resting potential -55- -60mV after 10min of dark adaptation
  • fires about 1.7Hz
  • action potentials 70-90mv
  • Large (~10 mV) IPSPs were typically recorded in darkness at a frequency of ~1 Hz.
  • Depolarized in response to illumination


  • depolarization causes bending of body on ipsilateral side.


  • Y. Goh and D. L. Alkon. Sensory, interneuronal, and motor interactions within Hermissenda visual pathway. J.Neurophysiol. 52 (1):156-169, 1984.