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This is a space for users of NeuronBank to share their ideas for using NeuronBank.

The NeuronBank Wiki can be used as a training tool for students. Have them research a neuron and enter its characteristics in NeuronBank.

Example Assignment

There are thousands of types of neurons in each organism. Currently, there is no source of information that acts as a neuronal encyclopedia. We are in the very early stages of creating such an encyclopedia, which we call NeuronBank. Your assignment is to describe one type of neuron and post that description to http://NeuronBank/wiki.

You may use any web resource or published paper to find the information you need. Be sure to cite your sources.

Here are some places to look:

  • to find a primary research paper or review article.
  • - a semantic Wiki that contains definitions of neurons
  • NeuronDB - a list of neurons that have been simulated
  • BAMS - The Brain Architecture management system
  • Webvision - Neurons in the Retina
  • Flybrain - an atlas of the Drosophila nervous system
  • WormAtlas - an atlas of neurons in the nematode C. elegans

You will need to create a NeuronBank account to edit pages. Follow the instructions on the log in page. Additional information is in the Help section. Once you create a page, copy and paste the Template for a neuron.

Here are some example pages: