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This is a template for creating a NeuronBank wiki page for a Neuron. To use this template, log in, go to the edit tab. Copy the entire page. Go to the search button and type in the name of the cell that you wish to create a page for. If that page does not exist, you will be asked if you would like to create it. Click on the link, then paste this page. Delete this instructional paragraph and make the appropriate changes to the text. Please note if the version that you save is a draft version.

NeuronName is a neuron in what type of animal (Species name or phylum).

NS neuron

You can replace this image with a picture of the cell. To upload a new image, go to

Upload file on the left menu. Make sure that you cite where the image was taken from and give attribution. Provide a link to the source when possible.]]

This is where you put a short paragraph to introduce the salient features of this neuron. What should everyone know about this cell if they don't read any farther.

Neuronal Type: Sensory Neuron, Motor Neuron, local interneuron, projection neuron, etc...


This is where you put information related to the anatomy of the neuron.

  • Where is the Cell body located?
  • What is the axon projection pattern?
  • How many neurons of this type are there in the nervous system?

Molecular profile

  • Neurotransmitter: ____________
  • Unique molecular markers: ______________


Does the neuron have particular physiological properties that make it unique?

Synaptic Connections

Synaptic Inputs

What neurons or brain areas does this neuron get input from?

Synaptic Outputs

What neurons or brain areas does this neuron output onto?

Spiking properties

Does the neuron exhibit characteristic firing properties? Silent at Rest, Tonic Spiker, Burster, non-spiking


What type of behaviors is this neuron involved with?


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Additional information

link title