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Beaded Neuron is a neuron in rats.

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Basic information

A local interneuron that is termed beaded neuron because of its rounded soma and spherules along both the dendrites and the axon that give the appearance of beads. This cell type is located within the core of the oval nucleus of the bed nuclei of the stria terminalis as well as the lateral subdivision of the central amygdaloid nucleus .

Neuron Type: Local Interneuron


  • Location: Core of the Oval nucleus of the Bed Nuclei of the Stria Terminalis

Lateral subdivision of the Central Amygdaloid Nucleus

  • Projection pattern:

Dendrites: Two or three primary dendrites around 10-40 micrometers in length extend from the soma and give rise to sets of two to five long, secondary dendrites. Third-order dendrites may occur and can range in length from 20–150 micrometers Axons: The axon of beaded neurons runs from the soma across the fibers of the stria terminalis to the neuropil, sometimes branching into axonal collaterals which also form the characteristic beads.

  • Abundance: Beaded neurons represent 7% of all neurons in the oval nucleus of the bed nuclei of the stria terminalis.


Beaded neurons contain androgenic receptors and should not be confused with other neuron types that contain "beads" for other reasons and are found in separate regions of the brain as formation of beads by neurons can be the result of injury, possibly due to the proinflammatory action of Interferon-{gamma}. Beaded neurons can be distinguished by their location, receptor type, spherical somas, and distinctive varicosities on the dendrites that have very few spines.


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