10 Bollywood Celebrities Who Misplaced Their Career To Alcohol And Drug Addiction

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There is no escape to the subject that B-town has its very own dark side. Fardeen Khan the son of veteran actor Feroz Khan raised several eyebrows, when he received arrested from Mumbai, Juhu for possession of cocaine in 2001. As opposed to drugs and dope, which Bollywood has been unwilling to talk about so far, alcohol has been an component fairly all-natural to numerous Hindi films — element of the script, dialogue and song lyrics — used even in comedy and romance.

The drug dealer captures her, medication her, and turns her into a heroine-addicted sex slave. Bollywood stars, which includes actors Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, who seem in the film, reacted on social media. Few many years back when Ranbir Kapoor's super hit movie Rockstar came up, there was also a rumor of the actor becoming on medicines.

In India, the Bollywood actors and actress are taken care of as God, isn't it? Anurag Kashyap's film is centered on a bunch of youngsters who go on drinking sprees and do medicines simply because it's supposedly awesome. 1. It really is effectively-identified in filmy circles that the star wife of a Bollywood hunk (he loves showing off his six packs) fell into extreme depression on understanding that her husband was sleeping with an actress.

She gets forced into drug addiction and at some point dies as a outcome of it. Khan then vows to get rid of the drug menace, and wages war on the criminals responsible. In the continually changing best website to watch bollywood movies globe of Bollywood, some issues remain continuous: star energy, fan culture and drug abuse.

As soon as recognized for cultural solidarity among Pakistan and India, Punjabi border villages like this have grow to be energetic drug hubs. 4 Fardeen Khan was arrested in 2001 for carrying Cocaine in the Juhu location of Mumbai. Priyanka Chopra plays a woman who goes to Mumbai to grow to be a model, but will get caught in the world of medication.

About 70 percent of the state's youthful males are addicted to drugs or alcohol, according to a 2013 government report. Sussanne Khan: It is hard to feel that Gauri Khan and Sussanne Khan can be drug addicts! Let us contemplate that her pals eat half a gram each and given that she has at least five close junkie pals (at any get together thrown by her) then the sum of medication necessary each and every time has to be above 2 grams.

His addiction cost him dearly not only it has adversly impacted his private lifestyle but also spoiled his chances for any type political profession. ​From a youngster artist in his father's movie Reshma Aur Shera" (1972), to India's largest Blockbuster PK" (2014) , Sanjay Dutt has acted in more than 150 movies, portraying distinct shades of characters.

Ranbir is now gearing up for the release of the significantly anticipated Dutt biopic based on the lifestyle and times of actor Sanjay Dutt, where he will be noticed stepping into the footwear of the 'Bhoomi' actor. Veteran Bollywood star, Sanjay Dut t who appeared in more than a 100 Hindi movies, was a drug addict.

India's top disco jockey, Aqeel, was arrested at Dubai airport on costs of possessions of unlawful medicines. The Mumbai police had not too long ago launched a helpline in which citizens could contact if they locate illicit distribution or consumption of medication.