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'''Amacrine cells''' are neurons found in the retina.
== NS neuron ==
[[Image:512px-PurkinjeCell.jpg|thumb|200px|right|You can replace this image with a picture of the cell. To upload a new image, go to [[Special:Upload| Upload file]] on the left menu.  Make sure that you cite where the image was taken from and give attribution.  Provide a link to the source when possible.]]
Amacrine cells are [[interneurons]] found in the retina1.  They are part of the [[inner plexiform layer]], a section of the retina in which [[bipolar neurons]] communicate with amacrine cells and [[ganglion cells]]2.  Amacrine cells serve to integrate for ganglion cells the signals coming from bipolar neurons1.
'''Neuronal Type:''' Sensory Neuron, Motor Neuron, local interneuron, projection neuron, etc...
== Anatomy ==
''This is where you put information related to the anatomy of the neuron.''
* Where is the Cell body located?
* What is the axon projection pattern?
* How many neurons of this type are there in the nervous system?
== Molecular profile ==
* '''Neurotransmitter:''' ____________
* '''Unique molecular markers:''' ______________
== Physiology ==
Does the neuron have particular physiological properties that make it unique?
=== Synaptic Connections ===
==== Synaptic Inputs ====
What neurons or brain areas does this neuron get input from?
==== Synaptic Outputs ====
What neurons or brain areas does this neuron output onto?
=== Spiking properties ===
Does the neuron exhibit characteristic firing properties? 
Silent at Rest, Tonic Spiker, Burster, non-spiking
== Behavior ==
What type of behaviors is this neuron involved with?
== References ==
# Author1 FM,Author2 FM (year) Title, Journal, vol: pages. PMID.
# Author1 FM,Author2 FM (year) Title, Journal, vol: pages. PMID.
== Additional information ==
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