C2 neuron

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Basic information

  • NeuronBank AccessionID Tri0002380
  • Names and Aliases Cerebral Interneuron 2, C2
  • Species Tritonia diomedea
  • Neurotransmitter possibly FMRFamide

C2 (cerebral interneuron 2) is one of the members of the Tritonia swim central pattern generator. There is one C2 in each cerebral ganglion. With illumination from above the soma of C2 appears white, and with illumination below the soma usually appears dark pink. C2 fires bursts of action potentials during the dorsal phase of the swim motor pattern. Aside from its activity during the swim motor pattern, C2 is usually silent. C2's action potential is quite distinctive in that it is fairly triangular in shape, and doesn't have a pronounced after-hyperpolarization. C2's axon projects contralaterally to the pedal ganglion, where it has extensive fine branches. C2's axon travels through PdN6 (the pedal-pedal connective) to reach the far (ipsilateral to its soma) pedal ganglion, where it presumably branches and makes synaptic contacts. C2 also has fine, hair-like branches in both the ipsi- and contralateral cerebral ganglion.