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NeuronBank Wiki using WikiMedia and thus is very similar to Wikipedia and Scholarpedia.

NeuronBank Wiki can be edited by registered users of NeuronBank. Use your NeuronBank Username and password to log in. If you are not registered, go to NeuronBank and select New Account.

A very good tutorial on Wiki editing is available at Scholarpedia Help and there is a great cheat sheet at Wikipedia:Cheatsheet

How to edit a page


You must be logged in to make any changes on the Wiki page. After you are logged in, click on the 'edit' tab on the top of the page you want to edit. On the edit page, you will see a textbox where you can make the changes. After you are done editing, you can preview the page by clicking 'Show preview' button at the bottom of the page before saving the page. You can also see the changes you have made by clicking on the 'Show changes' button.You will find a 'Summary' box in the bottom of the screen. You should describe the changes you made in the page in this box. Wikipedia allows users to comment on your page. To view that, click on the 'Discussion' tab.

Minor edits

Minor edits are generally spelling corrections, small text editing, etc. To mark an edit as 'minor', simply check the "This is a minor edit" box. But make sure you do not mark a significant edit as minor. If you do so, edit the page one more time and uncheck the "This is a minor edit" box.

The Wiki Markup

The Wiki markup is the syntax or the program that the Wiki uses to allow the users to make changes on its page. You can have the detailed explanation of the syntaxes by clicking here Below is a brief explanation of the syntax.

Working with sections

Starting a new section is done by the '==' signs. A main section is started by typing the heading between '==' signs. example- "==Katz labs==". Each sub-heading can be started by increasing the '=' signs.Example - "=== Sub heading ===", "====Sub sub heading ====", "===== Sub sub sub heading =====" and so on.

Creating a list

Creating a list works the same way as creating the sections. To start a title, type an ' * ' (Asterisk) followed by the title. For a sub-title, type ' ** ' followed by the name of the subtitle, and increment the ' * ' for more sub titles. Example:

  • list
    • sub list
      • sub sub list

To create a numbered list, insert a ' # ' sign instead of the ' * '

  1. Numbered list
  2. Sub numbered list
    1. Sub sub numbered list


You can copy and paste from the Template page to create a new page for a neuron. Specific Templates can be designed for different species. See for example Leech_Neuron_Template

Using Word to Wiki

Go to WordToWiki