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Basic information

The olfactory bulb is a group of nuerons which communicate with nuerons and bascially functions as the brains smelling center. The combination of odors and create reponses in the sensory nuerons these sensory nuerons then transmit this information to the olfactory bulb. The brain then can interpret these smells. The interpretation of these smells eventually leads to the storage of these smells and memory of this chemical responses.

Within the olfactory bulb is a very important type of cell, the Olfactory bulb mitral cell. The olfactory bulb mitral cell is of great imporatance.


According to an article in the comparative journal of nuerobiology the structure of the mitral cell in the olfactory bulb has been deduced by using goldfish.

These cells typically have appendages which are considered to be round and at times even triangular in shape. They often have cylindrical shafts and dendrites. These cells form synapses at various parts of the cell.


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