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This is a stub.

P1 is a motor neuron located in the Aplysia californica pedal ganglia.

Figure 1. Schematic representation of the dorsal Aplysia pedal and pleural ganglia. Left pedal ganglion shows designated sectors, right pedal ganglion shows approximate locations of identified neurons. Identified motor neuron P1 is shown at medio-anterior portion of sector IIIa. Modified from Hening et al 1979.

Basic Information

  • No known alias
  • Neurotransmitter is as yet unidentified


P1 is not well characterized in the literature.


1. Hening, W.A., Walters, E.T., Carew, T.J., Kandel, E.R. (1979) Motorneuronal control of locomotion in Aplysia. Brain Research, 179. 231-253.