Pedal ganglia sector II cells

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Sector II is located mediorostrally in the pedal ganglion of Aplysia californica.

  • P1:
  • P2: P2 is a 100-150um cell, and is light in pigment. It is located on the mediorostral pedal ganglion, adjacent to the cerebropedal connective. When stimulated in intact animals, it causes a large contraction dorsoventrally in the lateral tegument, and also a transverse contraction of the second and possibly the third and first segments of the foot, although there appears to be no longitudinal contraction effect. While the animal is moving, P2 receives both depolarizing and hyperpolarizing stimuli. It is known to send axons to pedal nerves 8 and/or 9.
  • P3: P3 is a 80-120um cell located adjacent to P2, and is also lightly pigmented.